2018 General Election

The May 2018 General Election will be held Saturday, May 5, 2018.

The election will elect candidates to fill Place 1 and Place 3 on the Frisco City Council.

A calendar outlining important dates for the May 2018 General Election is available here

Below are the candidates that have filed an application for a place on the May 5, 2018 Ballot. 
Place 1- K.D. Warach 
Place 1- John Keating
Place 1- Jason Money

Place 3- 
Will Sowell
Place 3- David Bowsher

Please keep checking this web page for the latest information regarding the election. 

Denton County Voter Information:

Denton County will require voters to use paper ballots for the May 5, 2018 General Election. The voting process is, as follows:

  • Check in and verify voter
  • Enter code and print ballot
  • Go to the voting both to mark your ballot
  • Fill in the box of the person you are voting for
  • Scan you ballot into the counter that will deposit your ballot into a secure locked ballot box
  • If you mark outside the box, the scanner will not accept the ballot.  After 3 failed ballots, the voter may use the one voting machine designated for handicapped voters.